prices 2022

mandatory service package

Rental prices 2022

For each rental contract, you pay a surcharge. This surcharge depends on the type of boat and the number of people.

The service package consists of:
Final cleaning
A full gas bottle
Under sheets for the mattresses
Sleeping pillows with pillowcases
Boat instruction (theory)
Tourist tax

Hired boatMandatory service packageDeposit redemptionDeposit standard
FB925 Graft(2 pers.)€125,-€40,-€300,-
FB1400 Gaast(6-10 pers.)€150,-€40,-€300,-
Kempala 920 Lelie (2-4 pers.)€125,-€40,-€300,-
Peck Lake 1100 Jamaica (2-6 pers.)€150,-€40,-€300,-
Komoran 1260 Fischreiher(7-9 pers.)€150,-€40,-€300,-
Pecker cruiseMalibur (2-4 pers.)€150,-€40,-€300,-
Denautic 100 St. Tropez (2-6 pers.)€150,-€40,-€300,-
Duet cruiser 1300 Elevation(2-6 pers.)€150,-€40,-€300,-
Morrakruiser FBB 1150 Christa(2-6 pers)€150,-€40,-€300,-
Morrakruiser FBB 1250 Danielle (2-4 pers)€150,-€40,-€300,-
Komoran 1260 Fischreiher(7-9 pers.)€150,-€40,-€300,-
Pedro Marin 30 Ilona(4-6 pers.)€150,-€40,-€300,-
Pedro Levanto Anita(4-6 pers.)€150,-€40,-€300,-
Pedro Skiron 35 Sietske/Kim (4-6 pers.)€150,-€40,-€300,-
Pedro Skiron The Bee(4-6 pers.)€150,-€40,-€300,-
Fribo 1500 de Luxe Elise(8-12 pers.)€200,-€40€500,-

compulsory contribution part redemption deposit

Rental prices 2022

For each rental contract you have an excess of € 600,-. Since many clients find that a lot of money, we have reduced that to € 300,- deductible per damage case. You pay € 40,- once for taking over the risk. (with the exception of Fribo 1500 Elise deposit € 1000,- to € 500,-).

boat rentals discount

additional discounts

Rental prices 2022
  • per 2 weeks or 2 boats, 5% discount
  • per 3 weeks and more or 3 boats, 7% discount
  • per weekend 60% of the weekly price (Friday to Monday)
  • per midweek 50% of the weekly price (Monday to Friday)
  • extra day, extra charge of 10%, per half day 5% (not valid on weekends)
  • booking before 31 October, 15% extra discount, only valid if deposited on time within 14 days
  • Book before 30 November, 10% extra discount, only valid if deposited on time within 14 days.
  • booking before 31 January, 5% extra discount, only valid if deposited on time within 14 days

additional options

Rental prices 2022
Duvets 1 person€15,00per piece per weekconcerned (for rent)
Towel package €8,50per set4 towels + 1 tea towel (for rent)
Life jackets€5,00per piece per week20-60 kg (for rent)
Folding bike€30,00per piece per week(for rent)
Cool box (32 litres)€10,00weekly(for rent)
Navigation map Friesland ANWB€16,95a piece(for sale)
(only with permission)
€50,00per animal per weeknot all boats
Television digitenne€50,00per piece per weekif not on board (for rent)
11-City package€50,00bundlewith Frisian products and a Travel Guide of Friesland Holland (for sale)
Practical instruction€50,00hourly
Barbecue€30,00a piece(for rent) also for sale for €50,-
Fishing licence €12,50per capitaWeekly permit (by name)
Travel Guide Friesland Holland€15,00a piece(for sale)
Large wooden folding table€30,00per piece per week(for rent)