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For twenty years now, we have been letting holidaymakers experience the best boating holidays!

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Friesland Boating has been renting out boats from Koudum since 1982. The fleet consists of various cruisers and kormorans.

Because of the great diversity of boats there will always be a suitable boat for you. Our boats are for rent without a license and vary from 1 to 12 people. After a fantastic boating holiday you will return completely relaxed. A boating holiday to never forget!

friesland boating for a complete boating holiday!

On 1 July 2019 it will be 20 years since Helga and Gerben Zwerver Friesland Boating took over Yachtcharter. Friesland Boating itself exists since 1982 and is one of the oldest rental companies in the Netherlands.

 "Year in and year out we see cheerful people get off the rented boats. We take care of the rental of our boats every day with pleasure, so you can enjoy a wonderful boating holiday". - Gerben Zwerver

Over the years the offer has become much more varied, with an offer of 16 boats there is something for everyone. In recent years we have met many regular customers. Some of them come back every year, for 20 years!

Boat rental Friesland
Gerben and Helga

we are very proud of our location!

Koudum is where it all starts!

The marina base from Friesland Boating is an ideal starting point. Numerous routes are possible from Koudum. Cities, such as Stavoren and Hindeloopen are easy to reach. Also the connected lakes, such as the Fluessen and the Morra are popular to visit. Many watersport events find place in the summer season. By sailing through the Fluessen you can reach the rest of Friesland, think of Sneek, the national area "The Alde Feanen", Sloten, Grou, Joure, so on! In short, a wonderful start of your boating holiday!

Read more about the sailing area around Koudum.

Cruising areas

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Trust and safety on boating holidays!

Friesland Boating charter does not only arrange your boat. We will inform you about all ins and outs of sailing and of your booked boat. When booking a boat you will receive a digital board book with all the information about your booked boat. You will also receive an inventory list of your booked boat.

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Where the holiday feeling begins

As soon as you arrive at our marina we will do everything we can to give you the right holiday feeling. Before you go on your holiday, we will go through the contents and operation of the boat, so that you can leave the marina without any worries!

free parking in our harbour

Directly at our harbour we have sufficient parking spaces available. You can easily load and unload your belongings. The car can be parked here free of charge for the entire holiday. Our pick-up location is only 1.5 hours from Amsterdam.

personal service at friesland boating

Should there be any difficulties or questions when booking one of our ships or during your boating holiday? Then we will be happy to help you! You can reach us by phone: 0031-514 522607

We look forward seeing you!
Your Friesland Boating yacht charter crew