Eleven-city boat bench

boat inventory

what to expect from the inventory

An example of a 6 person boat

We provide sheets, pillows and pillowcases. Standard on board is a complete inventory for the number of persons the boat is suitable for. We will provide you with your boat's on-board book and a water map of the province Friesland.


The inventory list of a 6 person boat:
1 gas-bottle6 fenders2 mooring pins
1 anchor with chain1 bucket with line1 rescue buoy
1 deck brush4 lines1 shore power cable


The inventory list of a 6 person boat:
6 knives6 breakfast plates2 storage jars
6 forks6 deep plates3 pans with lid
6 spoons6 shallow plates1 saucepan
6 tea spoons6 mugs1 frying pan shallow
1 peeler6 tea glasses1 frying pan deep
1 potato peeler6 wine glasses1 water kettle
1 bread knife6 beer glasses2 potholders
1 meat knife6 lemonade glasses1 oven glove
2 ladles6 gin glasses1 washbasin
1 spatula6 glass bowls1 dustpan and brush
1 potato masher1 fruit-press1 furniture brush
1 meat fork1 tea pot1 window wiper
1 tablespoon1 sugar bassin1 waste bin with lid
1 sauce spoon1 coffee cream-can1 toilet brush + holder
2 vegetable spoons1 tea warmer6 clothe-hangers
1 potato spoon1 coffee filter6 pillows
1 tin opener1 thermos can1 floor cloth
1 corkscrew1 measuring cup2 fire-extinguishers
1 cheese slicer1 cutting board1 grater
3 glass deck shells1 whisk1 colander
1 scissor3 coasters

Chairs and table
Did you rent a boat for 6 people? Then there are 6 chairs, or a built-in couch for 6 people on the deck. Each boat also comes with a small table. Would you like to dine outside the boat together? Then it is wise to book a table, this can be done when booking a boat!


See what's on the boat.

Would you like to know if your favourite boat has a stern drive, oven or coffee machine? You can read this per boat by the icons.


The explanation of the pictograms can be read at the specifications of the boat. Below is also an explanation.


take your dog on a boating holiday?

Your dog is very welcome on some of our ships! Quickly check if your dog can come along!

Read more about taking your dog on a boating holiday.

Your dog on holiday
Dog on sailing holiday friesland

additional options

Rental prices 2021
Duvets 1 person€15,00per piece per weekconcerned (for rent)
Towel package €8,50per set4 towels + 1 tea towel (for rent)
Life jackets€5,00per piece per week20-60 kg (for rent)
Folding bike€30,00per piece per week(for rent)
Cool box (32 litres)€10,00weekly(for rent)
Navigation map Friesland ANWB€16,95a piece (for sale)
(only with permission)
€50,00per animal per weeknot all boats
Television digitenne€50,00per piece per weekif not on board (for rent)
11-City package€50,00bundlewith Frisian products and a Travel Guide of Friesland Holland (for sale)
Practical instruction€50,00hourly
Barbecue€30,00a piece (for rent) also for sale for €50,-
Fishing licence €12,50per capitaWeekly permit (by name)
Travel Guide Friesland Holland€15,00a piece (for sale)
Large wooden folding table€30,00per piece per week(for rent)
Sup with paddle and pump in bag€50,00each per weekend(for rent)
Sup with paddle and pump in bag€50,00each per midweek(for rent)
Sup with paddle and pump in bag€100,00per piece per week(for rent)