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rent a boat without sailing experience in friesland

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Would you like to rent a boat without sailing experience in friesland?

You can! At Friesland Boating it is possible to receive a boating instruction before you start your boating holiday. These instructions can be booked after selecting your favourite boat. We offer sailing instructions from 1 to 2 hours at € 50.00 per hour.

All about renting a boat without sailing experience:

  • No sailing experience needed yet
  • Sailing instructions can be booked by reservation
  • Leave safely and confidently
  • No licence required

no boating experience needed!

When do we speak of sailing experience?
If you have at least one or two sailing holidays with approximately the same size ship.

No or little experience?
This is no problem, you can book a sailing instruction with your reservation. Depending on your own insight and speed of action, 1-2 hours is often enough. Costs € 50,- per hour. Of course we want you to leave safely. Please bear in mind that you need more experience for the larger boats. For some boats, sailing experience or a sailing instruction is mandatory. Check the table below to see which boats require sailing experience and which do not.

A new experience!
How much fun is it to learn something new? On average, 30% of our customers receive boating instruction prior to their boating holiday. We always do this with great pleasure. Because many of them have never sailed on a boat before, we will patiently teach you the tricks of the trade. The quickest way to learn is by practice, so after an instruction you will be able to feel how the boat reacts!

Hired boatSailing experience required in advanceBoatbook instruction mandatory
(Only if you have no sailing experience)
FB925 Graft(2 pers.)No No
Kempala 920 Lelie (2-4 pers.)NoNo
FB1400 Gaast(6-10 pers.)NoYes
Duet cruiser 1300 Elevation(2-6 pers.)NoYes
Pecker cruiseMalibur (2-4 pers.)NoYes
Denautic 100 St. Tropez (2-6 pers.)NoYes
Peck Lake 1100 Jamaica(2-6 pers.)NoYes
Pedro Levanto Anita(4-6 pers.)NoYes minimum 2 hours
Morrakruiser FBB 1150 Christa(2-6 pers)NoYes minimum 2 hours
Pedro Skiron 35 Sietske/Kim (4-6 pers.)NoYes minimum 2 hours
Pedro Skiron The Bee(4-6 pers.)NoYes minimum 2 hours
Pedro Marin 30 Ilona(4-6 pers.)NoYes minimum 2 hours
Ten Broeke Kruiser Ibiza (2-4 pers.)YesN/A (can be booked additionally)
Komoran 1260 Fischreiher(7-9 pers.)YesN/A (can be booked additionally)
Morrakruiser FBB 1250 Daniëlle (2-4 pers.)YesN/A (can be booked additionally)
Fribo 1500 de Luxe Elise(8-12 pers.)YesN/A (can be booked additionally)
Besla 1100 Nynke (2-4 pers.Yesn.a. (can be booked additionally if required)

Do you already have enough sailing experience?

If you already have some experience with driving a boat, you do not need to book a sailing instruction. Every boat is different and therefore we will explain in as much detail as possible what you can expect from the boat you have booked. Upon arrival you will get an explanation of the watermap and the boat manual. After that we will go on board to discuss all technical and operating instructions. You will also receive the boardbook digitally 4 weeks in advance, so that you can prepare already at home.

Sailing instruction (paid)

In the sailing instruction, which you and your crew receive prior to the sailing holiday, we teach everyone what to expect. We are going to practise mooring, driving the bow thruster, turning, what to do in busy situations etc. We will teach you everything you need to leave Koudum safely!

All the information you need to read through at home.
Before you leave, we will send you all the information you need about the booked boat by e-mail. This includes: the inventory list and the board book about the ship. Upon arrival you will receive the comprehensive board book with some sailing tips etc.

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sailing instruction
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no license required

For all our ships no license is required! Even the larger ships, 7-12 persons like the Elise, Fischreiher and the Gaast you don't need a license! How is this possible? Because all ships are under 15 meters! Also, the ships do not sail faster than 20 km per hour.

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