Morra cruiser Danielle

2 - 4 persons

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  • Luxury furnishings
  • No licence required
  • Easily controllable

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Morra cruiser FBB 1250 Danielle, the pearl of our fleet.
The Daniëlle exceeds all expectations. Space and luxury make for the perfect boating holiday. The boat has, among other things, a master bedroom with its own spacious shower and separate toilet in the stern. And a second shower with electric toilet near the second sleeping cabin in the front ship. A spacious salon with TV and an electrically adjustable table. The kitchen has a microwave and a large refrigerator. With a bow and stern thruster, you can manoeuvre flawlessly. The boat has both an external and an internal steering wheel.

Sailing experience and license required?
The Morra cruiser FBB 1250 Danielle does not require a boating license but does require boating experience. When do we speak of boating experience? If you have sailed at least one or two sailing vacations with approximately the same size ship. If you have some experience but would like a refresher course, we can teach you how to drive this boat in a sailing instruction prior to your cruise. In the instruction we teach you everything about mooring, turning, what to do in busy situations, etc. You can book the sailing instructions when you book your boat. We will teach you everything you need to leave Koudum with peace of mind!

The perfect equipment for an unforgettable boating holiday!
With the Danielle you are completely self-sufficient and you can also choose to spend one or more nights in the middle of the Frisian nature. The ship is well insulated and has central heating in all rooms. Therefore, this motor yacht can be rented throughout the year.

The Morrakruiser FBB 1250 Danielle does not allow pets.

Our boats have a TV and a Wifi Hotspot on board. You can activate this by ordering a data subscription of 10GB per day, you can connect 8 devices to it, costs €7.50 per day! The TV only works with a data subscription.

Engine Iveco 115 hp
Fuel Diesel 840 L
Consumption 7 L per hour
Water 612 L.
Power supply 24V + 230V inverter 1500W
Current supply 230V
Dirty water tank Present 250 L.
USB connection
Headroom 2.00 m.
Bed length 2.00 to 2.15 m.
Boat length 12.50 m.
Draught 1.15 m.
Airdraught 2.80 to 4.20 m (with window, tent and bracket)
  • Steering position outside
  • Inside steering position
  • Thruster
  • Fence screw
  • CD player + radio
  • TV
  • Microwave oven
  • Boiler
  • Toilet x 2
  • Shower x 2
  • Refrigerator
  • Gas stove (4-burner)
  • Hot water
  • Heating
  • Fixed bed (2 p.)
    Dimensions: 2.00 x 1.55 m
  • Fixed bed ( 1 p. x 2)
    Dimensions: 2.15 x 1.00 m


1 -2 gas bottles
1 anchor with chain
1 ball fender
1 deck scrubber
6 fenders
1 shore power cable
1 bucket with line
4 mooring lines
1 table
4 chairs
1 lifebelt

6 knives
6 forks
6 spoons
6 teaspoons
6 egg spoons
6 dessert spoons
1 peeler
1 potato knife
1 bread knife
1 carving knife
2 ladles
1 spatula
1 meat fork
1 ladle
1 sauce spoon
2 vegetable spoons
1 potato spoon

1 can opener
1 corkscrew
1 cheese slicer
1 grater
1 whisk
1 scissors
6 breakfast plates
6 deep plates
6 flat plates
6 egg cups
6 mugs
6 glasses
6 wine glasses
6 beer glasses
6 shot glasses
6 wine glasses
6 glass bowls
1 juicer
1 teapot
1 coffee pot
1 sugar bowl
1 milk jug
1 tea light
1 coffee filter
1 thermos
6 cup and saucer
1 bread basket
1 kitchen roll holder
1 serving tray
1 draining rack

3 microwaves
1 measuring jug
1 bread cutting board
3 serving dishes
1 colander
3 trivets
2 storage jars or containers
3 pans with lids
1 saucepan
1 frying pan
1 frying pan
1 kettle
2 potholders
1 washing-up bowl
1 brush and can
1 furniture brush
1 window squeegee
1 broom
1 ship horn
2 toilet brush + holder
6 coat hangers
4 pillows and 4 decorative cushions
1 mop
3 fire extinguishers
1 soap dispenser
2 toothbrush mugs
2 soap dishes

4 pillowcases and 3 sheets (part of mandatory service package).

For each rental contract, you have an excess of €1500. Since many customers find that a lot of money, you can buy off part of the deposit.

At €1500,- the deposit redemption costs are € 00,00
At €1000,- the deposit redemption costs are € 50,00
At € 750,- the deposit redemption costs are € 75,00
At €500,- the deposit redemption costs are €100,00

With the exception of the ships: Fribo 1500 de luxe Elise and Besla 1100 Nynke. For these boats it's only possible to buy off the deposit up to € 1000,00.
You can select the deposit waiver under 'Accessories' at the checkout.

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All-in price, fair and transparent.


- Boat rental price
- Boat instruction
- Full inventory
- Free parking
- Final cleaning
- Gas bottle
- Mattress under sheets
- Pillow with cover
- Water map
- Owners manual
- Full water tank
- Service in case of breakdowns.
- Full-casualty insurance with partially refundable deposit

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