FB 950 Kuinder

2-4 people

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  • No license required!
  • No boating experience needed!
  • Due to the low passage you do not have to wait for the bridge!

+31 (0) 514 522607 info@friesland-boating.nl

A beautiful houseboat with modern interior, suitable for 2-4 persons
Very shallow draft and low clearance, so you can also navigate the most beautiful canals that are inaccessible to others!
Easy to steer, no license required.

Sailing experience and boating license required?
For the Kuinder no license and sailing experience is required. If you have no boating experience, it is mandatory to book a boating instruction of at least 2 hours. In those two hours, before you start your boating vacation, we will train you and your crew to become novice skippers. If you have experience but would like a refresher course, we can teach you everything you need to know about sailing the boat in a 1-hour instruction session.

In the sailing instruction we will teach you everything about docking, turning, what to do in crowded situations, etc. You can book the sailing instructions when booking your boat. We will teach you everything you need to leave Koudum with peace of mind!

At the Kuinder, you are allowed to bring your pet.

Our boats have a TV and a Wifi Hotspot on board. You can activate this by ordering a data subscription of 10GB per day, you can connect 8 devices to it, costs €7.50 per day! The TV only works with a data subscription.

Engine Vetus M4.35 diesel engine 33 HP
Fuel Diesel HVO 90% Co2 free (250 liters)
Consumption approx. 2 liters per hour
Water 800 liters
Power supply 24V-230V Multiplus
Current supply 2 x 230V (oven and battery charger)
Dirty water tank Yes 240 liters
USB connection Yes
Headroom 2.00 meters
Bed length 2.00 meters
Boat length 9.50 meters
Draught 0.60 meters
Airdraught 1.65 meters
  • Steering position outside
  • Refrigerator
  • CD player
  • Boiler
  • Oven
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Hot water
  • Heating
  • Gas stove (4-burner)
  • Dinette (2 p.)
    Dimensions: 2.00 x 1.14 m
  • Bunk beds: 2.00 x 0.61 and 2.00 x 0.74 m

2 gas bottles
1 anchor with chain
1 hitch
1 deck scrubber
6 fenders
1 bucket with line
4 mooring lines
1 shore power cable
1 life buoy



4 knives
4 forks
4 spoons
4 teaspoons
1 peeler
1 potato knife
1 bread knife
1 meat knife
2 ladles
1 spatula
1 meat fork
1 ladle
1 sauce spoon
2 vegetable spoons
1 potato spoon
1 can opener
1 corkscrew
1 cheese slicer
1 grater
1 whisk
1 pair of scissors
4 breakfast plates
4 deep plates
4 flat plates
4 mugs
4 glasses
4 shot glasses
4 glass bowls
4 beer glasses
4 wine glasses
1 teapot
1 coffee pot
1 tea light
1 coffee filter
1 thermos jug

1 juicer
1 sugar bowl
1 milk jug
1 measuring cup
1 cutting board
3 cover dishes
1 colander
3 trivets
2 storage jars or containers
3 saucepans with lids
1 saucepan
1 frying pan
1 frying pan
1 kettle
1 baking dish
2 potholders
1 gas lighter
1 oven glove
1 washing-up bowl
1 dustpan and brush
1 furniture brush
1 window squeegee
1 chamber broom
1 dustbin with lid
1 toilet waste garbage can
1 ship horn
1 toilet brush + holder
4 hangers
4 cushions
1 mop
2 fire extinguishers
1 mosquito net
1 fly swatter
1 TV (excluding rental)


4 pillowcases and 3 sheets.

After use, return it to the reception desk!!!

For each rental contract, you have an excess of €1500. Since many customers find that a lot of money, you can buy off part of the deposit.

At €1500,- the deposit redemption costs are € 00,00
At €1000,- the deposit redemption costs are € 50,00
At € 750,- the deposit redemption costs are € 75,00
At €500,- the deposit redemption costs are €100,00

With the exception of the ships: Fribo 1500 de luxe Elise and Besla 1100 Nynke. For these boats it's only possible to buy off the deposit up to € 1000,00.
You can select the deposit waiver under 'Accessories' at the checkout.

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All-in price, fair and transparent.


- Boat rental price
- Boat instruction
- Full inventory
- Free parking
- Final cleaning
- Gas bottle
- Mattress under sheets
- Pillow with cover
- Water map
- Owners manual
- Full water tank
- Service in case of breakdowns.
- Full-casualty insurance with partially refundable deposit

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