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General rental conditions pleasure craft HiswaRecron



To be able to rent a pleasure craft, you will have to meet a number of requirements. This could have to do with age, sailing license, user rights and specific agreements concerning, for example, the Sneekweek. By agreeing upon certain matters in advance, we prevent potential discussions about what is and is not tolerable later on.

Below we list the additional rental conditions of Friesland Boating Yachtcharter. Our boats are rented out under the "HiswaRecron general conditions for the rental and hire of pleasure boats". Furthermore, we refer you to some downloads of the Hiswa and the acquisition contract of Friesland Boating Yachtcharter.


Telephone reservation counts as legal will agreement. The written confirmation of the rental agreement is an administrative confirmation. Reservation is final upon receipt of the deposit of 50% of the rental fee. This must be paid within seven days of receipt of the invoice and rental contract, the remainder four weeks before departure.

rental contract/lease agreement

Prior to sailing, renter is required to sign a rental contract drafted by the lessor in his/her name, and to identify himself/herself by means of a passport, driver’s license or ID card. Vessels are delivered only after singing this rental contract and payment of the deposit. You check the inventory list in advance. If things are lost after your check, you are liable. In case you are renting the vessel for the first time, you will be offered a trial. In case of disagreements, the signed rental (acquisition) contract shall apply first.

security deposit and insurance

The renter has an excess of € 1500.00 per claim for hull and third party damage and for loss.

Since many customers find that a lot of money, you can buy off part of the deposit.

Borg Deposit redemption costs
€ 1500,- deposit€ 00,00
€ 1000,- deposit€ 50,00
€ 750,- deposit€ 75,00
€ 500,- deposit€ 100,00

With the exception of the ships: Fribo 1500 de luxe Elise and Besla 1100 Nynke. For these ships it's possible to buy off the deposit to € 1000,00.

You can select the deposit redemption at checkout under 'Accessories'.

The excess must be deposited with the lessor as a deposit before departure. Friesland Boating has insured its vessels all-risk with an excess of your deposit. Unreported damage and/or missing items fall outside the excess and will be charged 100% to the renter. If there is damage to the ship or inventory, this damage will be deducted from the deposit amount. In case of damage due to gross negligence, wantonness and after alcohol and/or drug consumption, you will be held liable for the entire damage, be it direct, indirect, or for consequential damages. You are required at all times to comply with the instructions of Friesland personnel Boating, the harbour master, the police and the competent waterway authorities. All tenants will be instructed on the handling of the ship, engine and accessories.

payment options

Our preference is for online or bank payments. This can be done via the Ideal link you will receive when booking. Please note, with a PayPal payment the cost of € 0.35 + 3.4% will be charged to the customer. You can bring the deposit in cash or withdraw it on the spot. You may also transfer it by bank transfer to Rabobank NL02 RABO 0333 5114 33 t.n.v. Friesland Boating stating Invoice number and Deposit payment. On arrival at the reception you can pay by debit or contactless.


No ships will be issued to minors, even if parental consent has been obtained. The hirer and therefore the person in charge of the pleasure craft is at least 18 years old (in some cases we will use the age of 21, which depends on the type of pleasure craft). It is not allowed to occupy the boat or boats with more than the number of persons indicated and to use them in any other way than intended by the lessor.


Upon departure, we will give you a full tank of HVO diesel fuel. Consumption is at the tenant's expense. If the pleasure craft cannot be refueled, we charge on the basis of engine hours at an average consumption per engine hour.

departure and return

Your time of departure is indicated in the contract; make sure you are on time. If you wish to pick up the vessel after 4 pm, you are required to notify us in advance. We will try to find a solution for this. The return time is also indicated in the contract. In the event of a late return, the lessor is allowed to charge a minimum of €50 for every hour the vessel is overdue. If the vessel’s return is delayed to such an extent that the next renter is disadvantaged, the lessor has the right to take the entire deposit and charge any additional consequential damages to the renter or his/her insurance.

All-in price

The all-in price includes: Boat rental price, boat instruction, full inventory, free parking, final cleaning, gas bottle, bottom sheet for mattress, pillow with pillowcase, water map (for use), board book, full water tank, service in case of malfunction, full-casualty insurance with partially redeemable deposit and tourist tax.
The ship is delivered clean to you and we would like to receive it back from you reasonably clean. Because the next tenant also wants to stay in a clean ship, we always do the final cleaning and inspection ourselves.

The rental price shown is also the price you have to pay.
As a service to your boating vacation, you can order extra accessories, but this is not mandatory.

Boat instruction

After explanation of the water chart and the boat manual you can go on board and check the inventory. An instructor will visit you a.s.a.p. to discuss the technical and operating instructions. A boat instruction is not a sailing instruction!

sailing instruction

We assume that you have some experience to sail a boat, if this is not the case you can book a boating instruction by accessories. Depending on your own insight and handling speed often 1-2 hours is sufficient. Costs 1 hour € 60,- and for 2 hours € 110,-. A sailing instruction is given up to max. 5 Bft. Should that be the case, the sailing instruction will be scheduled at another time in consultation with you.

other charges

Bridge and mooring fees are at your own expense, as are charges for tap water and fuel. No bridge fees are charged in the Municipality of SúdWest Fryslân; in other municipalities this may be the case. This is clearly indicated on each bridge. You then pay to the bridge keeper who angls you a clog.


Our ships are very fully equipped. A complete inventory list is always on board. Only comforters, hand and tea towels are to be brought by yourself. If necessary, you can reserve comforters and hand and tea towel sets in advance. Of course also other extras such as life jackets, water charts and folding bikes, et cetera. You are 'obliged' to check the inventory. Friesland Boating checks your boat upon return, missing items will be settled with you.


On some boats it is allowed to bring a pet. Per boat this is indicated by means of an icon, this can be found on the page of the chosen boat. Bringing pets is only allowed with permission of the landlord. Per pet you pay € 60.00 extra.

return the pleasure craft

Before returning the boats at the end of the rental period, the boats are to be cleaned reasonably in their entirety, on the inside and outside, including the hull up to the waterline. Inventory has to be put back in the same orderly manner as it was upon arrival. Furthermore, you are required to remove the sheets and pillowcases and to take these to the reception together with the logbooks and keys. The same applies to any additional rented accessories.


For cancellation see art. 7 HiswaRecron General Terms and Conditions.
If the consumer wishes to cancel the hire agreement, he must inform the proprietor of this as soon as possible in writing or electronically.
In the event of cancellation, the consumer owes the proprietor a fixed compensation amounting to:

- 15% of the agreed hire price in the event of cancellation up to three months before the commencement of the hire period;
- 50% of the agreed hire price in the event of cancellation up to two months before the commencement of the hire period;
- 75% of the agreed hire price in the event of cancellation up to one month before the commencement of the hire period;
- 100% of the agreed hire price in the event of cancellation within one month before the commencement of the hire period
or on the commencement date of the hire period, all the above-mentioned compensation amounts with a minimum of € 68.

foul weather

You are not allowed to set sail with wind force 6 or more. Bad weather is at the risk of the renter and is not a cause for reduction or restitution of the rental fee or for cancellation of the rental contract.

sailing area

All Dutch inland waterways are allowed. For our houseboats with a height of circa 1.65 cm, a prohibition is in order for the Prinses Margrietkanaal, which may only be crossed. Absolutely forbidden are the IJsselmeer, Waddenzee and the big rivers. If you have enough experience and sailing licenses, we may be able to make an exception in certain cases. You will have to ask for permission in advance. Upon approval, you will need to take care of the necessary navigation and lifesaving equipment on board.

dissolution of the agreement

Lessor can terminate the rental contract unilaterally at any time during the rental period, without having to restitute the entire or partial rental fee if: a. the weather conditions require so, b. the renter does not comply with the rental conditions, c. the renter causes disturbance in or around the Frisian water sports sites, yacht harbors and marinas. All this is at the discretion of the lessor.

breakdown on the way

Tenant shall strictly carry out the instructions mentioned in the manual provided in case of malfunctions or damages. Landlord accepts no liability or obligation for compensation for expenses incurred by the Tenant as a result of a malfunction of the vessel. If compensation for damages is justified, it will consist at most of a refund of the time lost as a result of the malfunction that rendered the craft unusable. However, failures that lasted less than 3 hours after the report was received will not be reimbursed. Faults with radio/CD player, TV, 2nd toilet, refrigerator, microwave or other appliances, navigation instruments, lighting, hinges and locks, windshield wipers, bow and stern thrusters are not considered to result in the inability to use the vessel and will not entitle you to compensation.
If it is abundantly clear that, despite our telephone directions or instruction, you have the mechanic come for 'nothing', the costs will be at your expense. We charge € 55 per hour from Monday to Friday, € 75 per hour from Friday 6 p.m. to Saturday 9 p.m. and € 100 per hour on Sundays and holidays. For car costs we charge € 1 per kilometer.