Eleven Cities Package

Have you always dreamed of doing the eleven cities tour? The entire eleven cities route is navigable.

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Friesland, you must have tasted it!

To give you the total experience, we have, besides the beautiful nature and cities, composed this Frisian package! So all your senses can enjoy what Friesland has to offer!

The Elfsteden package includes:

- Friesland TravelGuide
- Route information Elfstedentocht
- Frisian welcome package

The package can be booked directly when booking our boats. For sailing the entire Elfsteden route we recommend a minimum of one week boat rental.

Upon arrival you will receive information about the route with nice tips. On board is a Frisian welcome package to get a taste of the atmosphere.
To sail the Elfstedentocht we recommend a minimum rental period of 7 days. The route can be adjusted if you want to visit certain cities longer. Of course it is also possible to order the package if you do not want to sail the entire Elfstedentocht!

Frisian Eleven Cities Tour by Boat

friesland travel guide

This four-language travel guide is based entirely on journalistic reports and impressions with lots of maps and routes and unstaged photos. Friesland and its surroundings are truly as beautiful and sensational as Albert Hendriks, (editor and director) the you in this travel book dish.

Golden tips
You will also find many valuable tips from guests and hosts in the hospitality and leisure sector in this themed guide. The starting point for the selection was that the recommendations are realistic and easy to make and that the information relates to reliable providers.

Boat rental in Friesland