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Are you looking for boat Sneekrental ? Then you are at Friesland-Boating at the right place! Sneek is only 4 hours sailing from Koudum (the embarkation point from Friesland-Boating). On the way you will pass many beautiful places in Friesland. A fantastic boating holiday starts in Koudum!

from kouum to sneek, the most beautiful route in friesland?

Another name for Koudum is 'the warm heart of the South West Frisian region'. Koudum is a beautiful village with a fascinating history. On your way to Sneek Koudum you will pass a number of beautiful Frisian villages such as Heeg or IJlst. Heeg has beautiful national monuments and some 18th century buildings. IJlst is one of the 11 cities of Friesland, where the river Geeuw is located, which in the city meets the river Ee. Two places Friesland that are absolutely worth a visit!

boat rental sneek, your itinerary along the fluessen

On the way to Sneek De Fluessen. This is one of the largest lakes of Friesland. In this lake there are 3 islands where you can stay for free. So you can choose to spend Sneek the night on one of the islands.

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Enjoy the Frisian nature.
Surrounded by the sounds of water birds and the setting and rising sun, you can buy fresh sandwiches the next morning from a boat passing by. This way you can fully enjoy the Frisian nature!

Are you interested in this? Then you can take a look at The map can be found at the top left of the menu, where you click on 'varen' for all locations.

why is the boating holiday in and around sneek really a must?

Sneek is located on Lake Snekermeer. Many water sports events take place here during the summer period. In the city Sneek it's buzzing all summer long! Here you can wander along the canals with its old canal houses. Go shopping in the shopping centre, eat an ice cream at the quay or grab one of the many terraces. In summer there are weekly markets and fairs. If you are interested in museums, we recommend a visit to the national model railway museum and the Frisian shipping museum. In this museum you will get information about the history of shipping, and for your children there is a children's museum!

terraces and markets = summer in friesland!

Boating holiday Sneek

rent a boat in and around sneek

cycling around sneek?

If you want to enjoy a nice day of cycling as well as boating, then you've come to Frieslandthe perfect placeBoating ! You can easily take your bike with you on all our boats! So you can bring your own bike on the boat, or rent a folding bike from us for only €30,- a week!

Here you can explore the beautiful forests of the Gaasterland. This is located in the National Landscape in Southwest Friesland and is known for its wooded and rolling landscape. You can also IJsselmeer cycle along the edges with a lovely breeze in your back. The highlight is the route towards Oudemirdum and Rijs, along the 3 beautiful cliffs that the Gaasterland knows!

Rent in and around Sneek a boat? (No boating license required!)

To rent a boat at Friesland-Boating you don't need a boating license! Everyone can enjoy the beautiful Friesland without having to know much about boats. Here you can take a look at our offer.

With which ship would you like to experience your boating holiday in and around sneek?

Do you choose a cruiser, kormoran or houseboat?

There are a number of important points for choosing the right ship for your holiday:

You can rent a boat with us from 2 up to a maximum of 12 people. Depending on the number of persons with whom you go on a boating holiday, you can choose the right boat. The layout of a rental boat consists of a couple of fixed beds, and you can also turn the saloon into a double bed.

How many people are you going to sail with?

For families and couples we have a nice houseboat or motor yacht. Are you with more than one family or are you from a larger family, or a group of friends, you should choose the Kormoran motorboat. These boats have several showers and toilets and have a large terrace on deck.

All our boats are completely self-sufficient and have a fridge, shower, toilet, cooking plates, kitchen utensils, sofas and beds!
The complete inventory list can be found here.

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This way you can enjoy a cold beer from the fridge on the deck terrace!

Free parking!

You can park for free at the harbour. There it is secured and parked free of charge on our grounds next to our harbour during your holiday. This way you can bring your belongings to the boat in peace and quiet and you don't have to look for another parking place nearby. Our pick-up location is only an hour's drive from Almere!

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