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take your dog on a boating holiday

Have a boating holiday with your dog!

Let your four-legged friend have a wonderful boating holiday too!
Your dog is part of your family, let him also be part of your holiday!

There's plenty of room on board for your dog. Friesland has more than enough places to moor and let your dog out in natural environment. Also a great opportunity to explore the environment! Friesland has many walking and cycling routes! What could be more fun to explore the area with your dog?

At 9 out of 15 of our boats your dog is allowed on board!
Do you want to know which boats allow dogs? Look at the icons under the selected boat.

Dog on a boating holiday

how much does it cost to take your dog on a boating holiday?

A pet on board, we usually talk about a dog, costs €50,- per holiday. It is allowed to bring two dogs, you pay €50,- per animal.

friesland, the dog paradise?

Extensive meadows, woods and bathing water. Your dog will not be bored for a moment! Explore the forests of Gaasterland with your dog. Dive into the lakes together, or take a morning walk along the meadows! |
There are a lot cycling and walking routes, read more about walking, cycling and sailing routes here.

your dog on a boating holiday!

Let your four-legged friend enjoy all the beauty from Friesland!
boating holiday dog

tips for taking your dog with you

Let your dog quickly feel at home in his new environment. Bring for him/her stuff from home, such as a cuddly toy, basket or other toys.

Isn't your dog a water rat, or are you afraid she'll just jump off the boat?
Consider a dog life jacket. These are for sale at most pet shops!

Are you bringing a large dog, or two dogs? Keep this in mind when choosing a boat. You can choose one of our larger boats so that your dog has enough space to move when the boat is on its way.

your dog's favorite boats:

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now on a boating holiday with your dog?

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