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Boat rental in Friesland

Everything you need to know about boat rental in Friesland

always wanted to rent a boat and go out in friesland?

We agree with you! Friesland, and in particular South West Friesland, is a favourite. Why? Do you have a minute? South West Friesland has beautiful lakes, picturesque cities, many islands and has a vibrant water sports life.

what to do in friesland?

ustling In the water sports season it is buzzing with summer markets Friesland, small-scale festivals, balloon rides, the famous skûtsjesil competitions and much more.

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Friesland is known for its water landscape and, of course, the popular eleven cities connected by lakes and canals. This makes Friesland it so unique, every city can be visited by boat! A boat holiday in Friesland Friesland will leave you amazed. The picturesque cities of Friesland are, succinctly written, cute and old, it is wonderful to wander around the historic buildings.

To spend a long day in a town or village you can easily escape by boat after a quiet spot on the lake and drop anchor here. Here you can take a lovely dive in the evening and enjoy the peace and quiet that Friesland has to offer! In the morning you will wake up quietly to the chirping of the birds and the rising sun. A new day full of adventure awaits you again!

Rent a boat in friesland

where in friesland is the best place to rent a boat?

Boat rental in Friesland with Friesland-Boating

Koudum, the start-up location, located directly at the Fluessen. The Fluessen has 3 islands where you can moor for a short stop or spend the night. In the summer there is even a bakery that delivers sandwiches in the morning! Koudum is the ideal starting location for you to continue in many different directions. We have mapped out a number of sailing routes for you, so you get an idea of the duration and options!

a boat and house in one

5 reasons why you should rent a boat where you can spend the night!

  • Brings you close to nature and gives you more peace.
  • The convenience of an apartment, but in the middle of nature.
  • Moveable, you can view multiple places in one holiday.
  • You are the captain and you determine the route and pace.
  • Romantic atmospheres to view the clear starry sky from your boat in the evening. 

Renting a boat doesn't have Friesland to be complicated!
Everything about boat rental in Friesland a row:

  • No licence required
  • No sailing experience required (sailing instruction can be booked)
  • Safe and confident sailing
  • Good and informed departure
  • Sheets, pillows and pillowcases provided
  • Complete inventory available
  • Life jackets for rent
  • Free parking next to the harbour

how much does it cost to rent a boat in friesland?

This, of course, depends on your choice of boat, duration, period and number of berths. For example, you can rent a boat for a week (Monday to Monday) in the spring for two people for only €667.

That is less than €50,- per day per person.
In the middle of summer this rises to €977,- euros
Which is still less than €70,- per day per person!

What are the benefits?

  1. You have all the luxuries of an apartment, but a boat also gives you the opportunity to move around. 
  2. The ability to cook for yourself.
  3. It is a unique experience to experience a holiday from the water.
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rent a boat for a weekend, midweek or week in Friesland

We have already explained to you why Friesland is the ideal place to rent a boat, but how do you choose the length of your boating vacation? It is good to consider what the purpose of the vacation is. Is the goal to see a lot of Friesland? Then it is convenient to take more time for this. Boats are obviously not cars and you will be on the road longer. Are you more into relaxing, then you don't have to go far, around Koudum there is already a lot to do!

We have mapped out a number of itineraries with the duration for you to give you an estimate of the possibilities:

Cruising routes Friesland

With 8 persons on a boating holiday in Friesland

With a large family, a group of friends on a boating holiday? We can guarantee you that this will be one big conviviality. Friesland Boatinghas no less than three ships ready for you. There is plenty of storage space for everyone. 

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With 10 persons on a boating holiday in Friesland

On holiday with a large group! that can only mean one thing: having a good time! Two of our ships are extremely suitable for groups of 10 people. If you find extra space a must, you can choose to take the 'Elise', here is no less than room for 12 people.

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With 12 persons on a boating holiday in Friesland

The more souls, the more joy. 

A fun group boating holiday starts at Friesland-Boating. We have the 'Elise"...waiting for you! On the 'EliseThere's room for 12 people! The 'Eliseover a large roof terrace, two toilets and two showers. If you are going on holiday with two families, want more privacy or want to keep several viewing possibilities open, you can also choose to book two ships of 6 persons! 

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If you rent a boat there FrieslandBoating are only a few things you need to bring with you. Think of a holiday in a holiday home, the only extras you need to bring are sleeping bags and towels. Do you find that too much hassle or do you lack space in your suitcase/car? You can always book a duvet with cover and a set of towels!

Would you like to take a look at the boat at home?
All the ins and outs of your reserved boat for a well prepared sailing holiday will be sent to you.
After making the reservation you will receive the digital board book of your reserved boat. This contains the description of the boat and everything you need to know to prepare for your boating holiday.