boating holiday Friesland

the first time on a boating holiday!

Renting a boat for the first time, the experience

Klaas Pieter and Jeannet went on a boating holiday for the first time this year, we asked for their experience!

Rented boat:
The Gaast (2-10 pers)

how did you guys experience your first boating holiday?

Super, we've had a wonderful week, we're coming out Friesland but we've never been on holiday here before. We already knew that it is very beautiful on the water but Friesland to sail a whole week is unique!

what was it like sailing a boat for the first time?

In the beginning it took some getting used to. We hadn't made it easy for ourselves to choose one of the larger boats. Luckily we had taken a boating lesson (1 hour) from Friesland-Boating. They taught us the tricks of the trade! The first 2 days we had to get used to it, but after that it became easier and easier! Even the "parking" went well!


boating holiday Friesland
Sailing holiday in Friesland with the Gaast
How was a boating holiday different from another holiday?

First of all the means of transport, from the water you see so many other things you normally can't see. Also the tranquility is really enjoyable, you feel completely at one with nature. It is wonderful to be in the middle of nature and still have the luxury amenities with you, such as a kitchen, refrigerator, toilet and shower.
We thought it was ideal that we could cook for ourselves, so you're not dependent on the restaurants, although sometimes it was great to explore cozy terraces. 

How was the weather?

This is of course different than we are used to, most of the time we go on holiday abroad. It was a rather changeable week, a few warm days with sunshine and a few days cloudy. We kept a close eye on the weather, we visited villages and cities on the days when it was a little less and the days when it was beautiful in nature and we went swimming and fishing. 

Why did you two choose to rent such a big boat?

And don't forget a giant dog! We chose this boat because we like to have some space. Our three children also came by for a day/night. We are glad that we have chosen a spacious boat, but a smaller type would have been fine as well! 

What tips would you give the guests who are going on their first boating holiday? 

Turn off the fridge at night! Haha, we forgot and this takes quite a lot of battery power, especially when like us not every day at a harbour with shore power. Take a good look at the on-board book, it contains everything you need to know about the boat, it will be sent to you digitally, but it is also in the boat!

would you rent a boat at friesland boating again?

Yeah, well, we're thinking about going again next year. We're even trying to see if we can buy one. If we would like to rent one anyway, then of course we will go with Friesland-Boating, they informed us well before the holiday and helped us very kindly at the harbour. 

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