No hidden costs with Friesland-Boating boating vacations!

The all-in price includes:

- Boat rental price
- Boat instruction
- Full inventory
- Free parking
- Final cleaning
- Gas bottle
- Under sheets for mattress
- Pillow with pillowcase
- Water map
- Logbook
- Full water tank
- Service in case of breakdown.
- Fully comprehensive insurance with partly refundable deposit

When renting our boats we use an all-in price, i.e. no obligatory hidden costs.

The rental price shown is also the price you have to pay. As a service for your boating vacation, you can order additional accessories, but it is not mandatory.

accessories to book

Here you can see the list of accessories that you can order at extra cost, such as comforters, life jackets barbecue etc.
This is not mandatory, you can also bring your own!

View the accessories here

depositfor our rental fleet as of September 1, 2022

As a rental company we have insured your rented boat all-risk, however we have a € 1500 deductible per damage case. Insurers do not accept a small excess.

Because we understand that you find this risk too great, we have chosen to buy off the deposit so that your own risk per damage case is lower.

You can then determine your own risk and buy off the deposit from € 1500.00 to:

Borg Deposit redemption costs
€ 1500,- deposit€ 00,00
€ 1000,- deposit€ 50,00
€ 750,- deposit€ 75,00
€ 500,- deposit€ 100,00

With the exception of the ships: Fribo 1500 de luxe Elise and Besla 1100 Nynke. For these boats it's only possible to buy off the deposit to € 1000,00.
You can book this buy off at the extra accessories.