Electric boat trip, Nienke from 3 Op Reis experienced it!

3 on a journey electric boat trip

On 8 January, we received a call from the direction of 3OpReis, asking if they could rent a boat for their programme. We had almost finished developing our first electric boat, 'the Besla', and so we had the perfect opportunity to show our boat to the outside world! Nienke, the presenter of 3OpReis, was the very first one who got to test the boat for a boating holiday. That's why we named this Besla 'Nynke' after Nienke, but with a Frisian touch.

The episode discusses why the electric boat is the future.

- 100% electric, no pollution in the water.
- Silent sailing.
- CO2 free.
elfsteden sailing electric

After a sailing lesson and boat instructions, Nienke and her crew set off on an adventure on the Frisian waters on the Nynke. After an afternoon of sailing, Nienke and her crew search for a Marboei. This is a buoy where you can moor and spend the night for free. This is a lot easier than mooring at a jetty, so you can get more familiar with your ship!

Read more about spending the night in the Frisian countryside here

during the trip nienke visits the alde feanen national park


De Alde Feanen National Park is the ideal place for black-tailed godwits to recover from their long journey from Africa. The area is one of the busiest black-tailed godwit roosts in the Netherlands. Sometimes as many as five thousand at a time are there to rest. The unique low moorland area is almost 2500 hectares and consists of a very varied landscape with lakes, reed beds and marsh forests.

Due to the variation in the landscape, this is the habitat of a large number of different plants and animals. In addition to the black-tailed godwit, lapwings, yellow wagtails and the white-tailed eagle can also be found here. A round through and along the low moor in the heart of Fryslân makes clear why it has the status of a national park!


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